[ le ] [ loop ] [ ar ]: The alias merges two characteristics that define the music he creates and propagates. [ loop ] Looping rhythmic parts, riffs or melodies to create enticing grooves that stimulate the body for dancing.[ ar: from french. art ] His artistic treatment of sonic motifs renders a wide array of atmospheres.

Researching for distinctive sounds is the core of his musical framework. Layering textures to create original grooves, leloopar embraces the most innovative technologies. He astonishes the audience by blending diverse sound producing techniques.

Cumulating years of experience in music production, DJing and live performance under a different moniker (do not ask, he will not tell you), leloopar makes listeners or party people have a memorable time. From intimate atmosphere to intense parties, leloopar finds a way to spark the crowd.
From the Disco era, leloopar discovered soul and funk while other Disco songs had more futuristic approach by combining synthesizer and electronic drums. These were the foundation of his musical culture. Eventually New Wave became his focus for music exploration. That era provided an eclectic inspiration that still resonate in his music today.

And then there was House! From local parties to nightclub DJ he embraced House music. The rawness of early House music along with the minimalistic approach were the basic criteria that attracted him. Soon leloopar started adding his own beatbox, loop and sample to the records he was spinning so live remix became part of his DJ sets.

Widening his DJing technic, he added hiphop and reggae to his DJ mixes. These new additions had more success then he anticipated. After years of playing various kinds of music in clubs, he decided to concentrate his energy to studio productions. After a few years of remixing and composing, he co-founded a record label. The synergy with record distributors led to expand the record label into a record store. To promote the store and label, he started playing DJ sets and was back to performing live. Running the record label and the record store was burdening, so he gradually returned in his home studio to experiment on new productions. He didn’t want to rush things. He spent countless hours thinking about what would satisfy him as an artist. Now with an abundant music making background, leloopar is more than ever thriving to share his music creativity with the world.